I'm still on the road of vExpert ...

It’s a perfect experience to be a part of vExperts society. Three years ago, when I decided to register for the first time, I don’t have any special clue at the beginning of the road and just read about the vExpert badge's benefits. So I decided to work hard on it.

In the first step, I participated actively on the VMTN forum, and started answering the people’s questions more regularly (honestly I joined in 2010 but I wasn’t active there so much). As the second step, created this Blog (VirtualUndercity) after two years of delay. Although I wanted to do it in 2016, as the manager of some massive projects I was too busy and couldn’t reach this goal until 2018.

In the beginning, I wrote initial posts about some of my old virtualization projects that most of which were based on vSphere and Horizon solutions. But a few months later I decided to post some about the planning and designing in the virtualized environments and then describing my recent activities with a focus on VMware solutions. In the first time of vExpert registration, I failed to achieve. I think I will never forget that E-Mail because the company, especially dear Corey encourage me to not give up.

In the third step of my vExpert achievement plan, I made my YouTube channel and published some of my old collected videos after editing them. I absolutely agree to improve their multimedia quality, but still focusing on their contents via speaking details of my virtualization knowledge. Fortunately, with respect to the video publishing area, I was able finally achieve my first vExpert badge on that year (2019) but it was not the end of the road!

Final stage in my experience and roadmap of the vExpert Program is starting an Instagram page for publishing educational content, especially video training like the YouTube's way and, also introducing the VMware recent technologies and products, talking about the webinars and events, some useful tips, advanced CLIs and some other tricks. 

However, I still continue to produce and post more information, and via distributing my knowledge and experience I will train myself too. I hope anybody reads this post, gracefully achieve this badge of glory. Now it's time to register for the 2021 vExpert program in the second half phase. If you need to aware about its timeline, please read the Corey Romero recent post on VMware blog. You can apply here, and enjoy many benefits of this program if you accepted. I strongly suggest to review the example application before filling the form.